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Mom of 2

"We are really loving this group. It has made homeschooling fun again...for all of us!"

Mother of 4

"You guys giving answers like you do gives me more confidence, reassurance, and helps my anxiety with it all. So seriously, thank you guys for absolutely every single thing"

Mother of 5

"I am just here to say how much I love this group! Thank you so much for setting this all up! We all love it! Even my three year old is getting more involved and is learning so much! She feels so big doing school work with her siblings!"

Mother of 3

"I'm almost in tears over here. This is exactly what Ive been looking for, for over a year! I cannot express my gratitude enough! This is absolutely brilliant and I am 100% ALL IN on homeschooling now that I have found this!"

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"Rebecca has played an essential role guiding me through this new and challenging adventure of homeschooling. Her life experiences, knowledge and wisdom give me confidence and many new ideas to try at home with my own children."

Mother of 7

"I'm loving the Homeschool manager. My son is in 7th, so I put in the codes for which IXL assignments and copy & paste the links for the Jr. High history or STEM lesson and he works independently now."

Mother of 4

"I was rewatching all your videos on the website and just wanted to let you know I could just sit and talk to you about homeschool all day and soak up all your wisdom"

Mother of 3

"We LOVE the apps so much! Guided access and we end homeschool with starfall most days. My 5 year old LOVES it!! She even chooses to use both during her free screen time!"

Mother of 2

"She walked me through how I can be more flexible and find fun ways to educate while keeping my sanity."

Mother of 3

"I love this group so much... I was ready to give up on homeschooling for the next year. I was stressed, overwhelmed, and unhappy.. I joined in on one Tuesday live with Rebecca and the Lord spoke through her to me in just the right way!"

Mother of 3

"It was starting to become a bit stale for us, but this resource just breathed new life into my burnt out brain! THANK YOU for creating this brilliant, beautiful resource! THANK YOU!"

Mother of 4

"I cannot thank you enough for compiling and organizing all this! We are having a BLAST exploring everything! This is AMAZING!"

Mother of 3

"I have watched almost all the videos and tutorials! They are SO helpful. These ladies KNOW what they are doing. This program spells RELIEF!"

Mother of 3

"This group has helped me with a lot of my homeschool struggles"

Mother of  4